The Name

I was planning a brew day with my brother, because he was interested in learning how to brew. It was also the Super Bowl weekend. He sent me a text asking, “Are you coming over for Super Owl?” I laughed at the obvious misspelling and responded that he had just named our beer. So as we brewed on Super Bowl Sunday, the name stuck and the beer was a hit. We started to think of funny ideas for beer names and a logo and it took off from there. It has a nice tie-in for me and my wife as well, since it seems that wherever we have lived there always seems to be an owl that moves in close to us. Plus, we love the Raptor Center in Davis.

The Owners

What can we say? All of the owners are family and friends. We have friends we met at UC Davis Law School, friends from parenting groups in town and from the Davis Parent Nursery School, as well as some loving parents of our own.

The Location

We are a 10-barrel brewery surrounded by neighborhoods. We are focused on creating a warm and inviting, family friendly atmosphere. We consider ourselves to be a “third place” for people to come and interact with their friends and neighbors.

Why We Wanted To Open A Brewery

My wife and I have had the privilege of living in some of the West’s best beer cities. I grew up in Sacramento/Lodi and went to college in Portland where I met my wife and started my love of craft beer (~ thank you Fulton Pub). I did a case study on the craft beer scene in the Northwest and started to dream of opening a neighborhood brewery, but it had to wait. My wife went to UC Davis Law School and that is when we fell in love with Davis, but we had a stint in San Diego and enjoyed a great and lively beer scene while there. When we were ready to start a family, we both decided Davis was the place we wanted to be. We are also lucky because my wife is from Boulder, Colorado and we visit there regularly, enjoying the local breweries during our stays.

I am proud to say that I am an award-winning professional brewer, and home brewer before that. I truly enjoy making good beer and look forward to sharing it with you.

Joey Vida, Brewer and Owner



We are committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. As a small start-up, it can be difficult and expensive to implement everything we want to do. But our commitment to the environment runs deep. Here are some things we do:

  • A local farmer uses our spent brewing grain and hops, which has been shown to provide nourishing feed for animals.
  • All of our lights at the brewery have LED drivers, ensuring maximum energy efficiency. (Yes, the City of Davis required this, but we wanted LED lights anyway!)
  • We do our best to conserve water and continually look for ways to conserve more.
  • We recycle and compost at the brewery, and offer bins for our customers to do the same.
  • We are currently looking into ways we can incorporate organic and locally grown produce. After all, we live in Davis, home to one of the country’s best Farmer’s Markets.